I’ve spent hours and hours playing Wii, Nintendo, Minecraft, and etc. but the new Nintendo they came out with might even let me play for days in a row. Yes, I’m talking about the Nintendo Switch that will come out in March of this year.nintendoswitchuses
The Nintendo Switch is a console that allows you to detach it from a holder that connects to your television and it mirrors the gameplay with the controller like Joy-Con controllers (best shown in the top right photo) on each side of the screen. Two can play at that game with the detachable Joy-Cons acting like separate controllers to ensure multiplayer games on the go. In you just want to play on an airplane, then take the Joy-Con grip with both Joy-Con controllers. Along with the added stand for the screen, you’re ready to take off! For the large screen, you have the Pro Controller (best shown in the middle image) that is the normal controller for a game at home. With a game card similar to that of the 3DS, get ready to switch to the next best thing! If you want to watch the trailer by Nintendo, here it is!
Featured photo: Forbes Magazine
Nintendo Switch uses: Digital Trends



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