Pacifist, Neutral, or Genocide, those are the three paths to take. To spare, to not care, or to kill. It’s your decision in the game Undertale, developed by Toby Fox. It’s the most amazing game, filled with fights and a make-your-own-adventure style. You can be neutral, killing some and sparing others (the easiest, in my opinion, I’d just kill the threatening ones). You could be murderous and kill everyone. Then there’s Pacifist, the route with the most emotion and most length. Frisk, the character you play in the beginning (far left) is a gender-neutral person. Frisk represents everything forgiving and merciful, kind and unharming. Frisk’s counterpart, Chara (middle), represents cruelty and evil. Just based on the short descriptions I gave, you’ve probably already decided which path you want to take. In the background of the game, there’s the OST for Undertale, which is amazing in its own right. Toby Fox made it with something for everyone, (my personal favorite are the ones with Temmies) the soundtrack is a popular gift or pass-time playlist. Let’s go back to the beginning, where you choose the name of a fallen human. Different names coincide with different easter eggs and sometimes difficulties, for example, choose the name Frisk and you’re set in hard mode. The other names like Aaron, Chara, Papyrus, Asgore, Toriel, Asriel, Flowey, Sans, Temmie, along with other names of the characters, will give you little easter eggs when you submit them. Now, think of climbing up a mountain, only to fall in on a bed of buttercups. Then, meet a Flower that tries to trick you and says, “It’s kill or be killed.” That’s the beauty of Undertale.
Fanart Image: Youtube (I was unable to find the artist’s website. So If you know, please tell me in the comments below!)

bOI for now,



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