Seven Things You Might Not Know About Overwatch

Howdy, I’m Theodore, and I know seven things that you might not know about Overwatch.


#7 Bastion’s Turret Form

Bastion can be very annoying to deal with, especially if he’s in the right spot. However, if you ever sneak up behind him, you’ll see that he had a blue crystal on the back of him. Shooting at that is like getting a head shot, so you’ll do more damage.

#6 Genji’s Deflect

Genji’s deflect can be very useful.  You most likely haven’t tried this, but you can deflect almost anything with this ability, even ultimates. If Tracer throws a bomb at you, you can deflect it, and not only will it be deflected, it’ll act like you threw it. You can do this with pretty much anything, including Pharah’s ult, Mei’s ult, Hanzo’s ult (only while it’s still an arrow,) and pretty much any other ult of ability.

#5 Escorting the Payload

The payloads that you escort aren’t just random vehicles. They all have reasons for being escorted. On the map “King’s Row,” you’re escorting an EMP that is being sent to eliminate an enemy hacking system. If you successfully deliver it, it goes off. On “Watchpoint: Gibraltar,” you are escorting the recall drone that Winston uses in “Recall.”

#4 Junkrat’s Height

If you’ve ever played Junkrat, you might’ve noticed that he has a lower point of view than most characters. You most likely thought he was short. However, Junkrat is one of the tallest characters. He is usually slouching, so it doesn’t seem like it.

#3  More Heals!

Payloads may seem like normal vehicles, (other than the fact that they all have a reason for being escorted.) However, if you stand near the payload, it will heal you slightly. So, if you’re ever in need of a little bit of healing, and you’re on offense, remember that the payload can heal you.

#2 Soldier 81

If you are playing on the “No Limits” gamemode, and you have more than one of a certain character, then they will just have a number after their name, (for example, Ana 2.) However, if you have multiple Soldier 76s, it won’t be Soldier 76 2, because it will just add a number to 76, making Soldier 77, and Soldier 78.

#1 Roadhog’s Hook

All of the map’s have a hero that is from that country, all except Ilios. I have a theory that will prove which character belongs to Ilios. The character is none other than Roadhog’s hook. Roadhog’s hook will sometimes hook people through walls, and even hook people that are behind you (and through walls.) You might even get hooked to Ilios. The reason behind that, (remember, this is just a troll theory,) is because the metal that the hook is made out of was part of the experimental time traveling planes. The metal was originally being shipped to Ilios, but part of the metal was taken out in order to help build the plane. When the plane crashed somewhere, it was turned into a usable form of metal, and eventually turned into a hook. The hook sometimes teleports you to Ilios because it wanted to be back with it’s friends. That is the reason why Roadhog’s hook is so weird.

I hope you learned seven six new things today.

bOI (for now),




The last thing was just a joke, so please don’t get mad at me.


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