Black Holes & Their Theoretical Counterpart

Imagine getting ripped apart, atom by atom, in a place where light can’t even escape. Then, imagine a new circumstance where when you fall in and come out another side, possibly billions or trillions of lightyears away or maybe in a different universe. Yup, I’m talking about black holes, those nightmare-ish things that are never ending vacuums. Black holes are formed when a dying star implodes (collapses onto itself). White holes, however, are supposedly the exact opposite and they spew things out. There’s a theory that if you could survive going into a black hole, you might come out of a white hole in a different part of the universe or a different universe altogether. The idea is that a black hole collects things that the white hole spews out. So, Astrophysicists have theorized that black holes and white holes work together and form wormholes. It’s complicated, I know, but here’s a diagram.

(Yes, it was made in 2012, but the theory still stands February 12th, 2017 so you can’t argue.) That’s the basic run down, but it’s an interesting theory. In the comments below, comment what the new universe would be like and/or how one might survive a black hole.

Black hole and White hole diagram: Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way



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