Ugh, I remember that feeling when you find out that there’s actually a quiz or a test that you forgot about. To be honest, if I had followed these tips, I would’ve been a perfect student. Hey, you still can, so pay attention.

Double-Triple-Quadruple-Check: Make sure that you know when the assessment is, otherwise there’s no need to study for it.

Rise & Shine!: Research shows that studying at night (When I’m writing this post!) actually reduces brain functions that are quite helpful for test-taking. It’s better to have a set time for studying and study when you get back from school, generally the early afternoon.

It’s OK to be Short: Your brain doesn’t remember and connect information in one long cram the night before. Instead of studying for two hours, try twelve ten-minute sessions.

OMG: NO DISTRACTIONS, it’s better to have a set study place where it’s void of distractions. Also, I see that phone, just put it away to charge somewhere else.

I was inspired by this video on ASAPScience.
Studying-like photo with book and pen: The Prospect

P.S. Yes, I used alliteration for the title (I’m an alliteration all-star). I’m very cheesy about it, too. It was also a pun, The Top Hat Times and Tips-Top. You’re welcome



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