Remind me!

This isn’t free advertising, just a recommendation from a down-to-earth person.

Ever known someone who broke their phone, maybe they don’t have one, or didn’t have a Gmail? If you’re in an office and working, this app can also go on your desktop as well as your phone. is a free platform to make large announcements to groups of people, or a chat with friends. There is even an option to make activities (with a possible payment add-on), translate text, and more. Another nice attribute is that you can download the history, just in case you need to keep a record of your interaction with said person. Remind can also be used with basic phones, as well as almost everything that can text, there’s an app on the smartphone store, as well as the ability to use it purely on the PC. Have fun, remind me next time I forget another Sunday post!
Once again, I didn’t want to miss another Sunday post, so I made this one for fun. Remind has really helped me out in times where my phone broke, so I hope you at least look into it.



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