Adorabilis is the Name, Cuteness is my Game

(Sorry I missed another Sunday post, as well as a Wednesday post. I was on break and I forgot to queue them, so I just decided to post them today!)

The Opisthoteuthis is a lower classification of octopi and, by far, the least boring of all the octopi. Here’s a few:
Opisthoteuthis Robsoni
Opisthoteuthis robsoni
Opisthoteuthis Californiana – Also known as the ‘Flapjack Octopus’
opisthoteuthis californiana
Recognize it? No, you’re not insane because this octopus was in Finding Nemo as Pearl.
opisthoteuthis californiana - finding nemo
Generally similar. Yet there are mixed sources because some claim that Pearl is the Opisthoteuthis ‘Adorabilis,’ right here:
opisthoteuthis adorabilisWhich one do you think Pearl is most similar to? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Opisthoteuthis Californiana photo:
‘Pearl’ from ‘Finding Nemo’:
Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis photo:
Inspired by Science Friday’s video describing the Adorabilis.


I’m glad you scrolled down to the real article, thanks for that. 😀
Oh, you’re wondering why I put ‘Adorabilis’ in quotes? Well, based on numerous sources (Science Friday, Wikipedia, Huffington Post) I haven’t yet found one that cements the name ‘Adorabilis.’ The reason its species may be named ‘Adorabilis’ is because it’s so darn cute. I mean, even the designated researcher at MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) basically stated that, scientifically, it’s adorable (large eyes for its body size, habits like floating by spreading its web between its tentacles, etc.). Well, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as you did the cute octopus photos.



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