Hello! Welcome to the Logic Lab, this is where I put common holidays or traditions under the microscope and see what makes them tick.


Easter is basically when “Jesus made that bunny lay an egg,” (quoting Stephen Colbert, a political comedian) at least, that’s what I thought as a child. So, I thought that Easter was when basically anything can happen. Though, according to actual facts, Easter is also known as ‘Ressurection Sunday’ because the holiday celebrates when Jesus was revived by the (mainly Catholic and Christian) god. Easter always occurs on “the first Sunday after (never on) the Paschal full moon.” Logomakr_3LtALB


Lent is from Ash Wednesday, not counting Sundays, when people of the Catholic religion give up something important to them until Easter in order to be closer to Jesus. Many times children and adolescents alike will give up candy, games, or electronics. Yet, adults generally give up books, sweets, or some form of entertainment.

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Graphics Made With: LogoMakr.com
Catholic Answers: How is Easter Sunday Determined?
Also, my own experiences!



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