UPDATE for Google Earth!

Do you know about Google Earth? Probably. I mean, I looked at it for a minute, found my residency, and left. It’s boring, or at least… it was. The new Google Earth starts off with a cheeky loading screen.
Cheeky Google Earth Loading Screen
Then, you have the Earth.
Normal Google Earth.... not really
At the bottom-right corner, there’s the navigation, zoom, and 3D option. At the bottom, in the font that everyone needs glasses to see, they show the longitude and the latitude as well as some other nerdy things. Yet, now they have new features and a new video showcasing them. Here are a few:
Google Voyager:
Google Voyager
As you can see, there are four categories: Editor’s Picks, Travel, Nature, Culture, and History. Google Voyager showcases the beauty of the world, from different Sesame Street Girls to America’s National Parks. Another new feature is this:
Pegman Photo Spheres
See those little blue dots? When you drag the orange ‘Pegman’ into them you are engulfed into these ‘Photo Spheres,’ taken by ordinary people with the right equipment. Along with by sign-off, here’s a ‘Photo Sphere’ taken on the Eiffel tower:
Eiffel Tower Photo Sphere
Do you like the new Google Earth? Leave a comment down below!



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