No one ever looks at the About page. That’s okay, all they expect is some long citations, so if you were looking for these, here you go:
– Top hat tab image: The Fashion Cat
– Top hat main page image: The Smithsonian Magazine
 – Red telephone: Jive 


My pen name is BleuRose, I love animals of all shapes and sizes (Here‘s my favorite), I am a science geek, a rock climber, a kayaker, gymnast, and a math lover. I have many amazing friends, who help me with ideas and posts. Currently, posts are queued up so that you’ll get them every Sunday, Quotes every Saturday, a ‘Logic Lab’ once every month (a non-bias take on a holiday or tradition, possibly even a political tactic…), and on Wednesday I will post one of my own photos I have taken. Depending on the week, there might be a bonus somewhere in there (either that or the ‘Bonus’ will be me forgetting to queue and just flat out posting them). My pen name, BleuRose, is not spelled incorrectly, it’s how you spell ‘blue’ in French! Anyways, I am a person who loves positive news as I am of an upbeat attitude. Have fun browsing the Top Hat Times!


Howdy, I’m Theodore, Theodore the Human, but you already know that. What you don’t know is that I like to play games like Overwatch, Minecraft, and Undertale. I like to play the piano. I’ve been playing for six years, and I dabbled in band for a year in middle school. I also like engineering, and playing with my dog, Coco. I post on Tuesdays.

Signed,                              bOI (for now),
BleuRose                           Theodore