Refugees – Logic Lab

Refugees – Logic Lab

Welcome Refugees!

A refugee is leaving the disaster to get away from terrorism and a helpless situation. So, if they’re leaving, they obviously don’t want any part in the terror. Then, why aren’t we letting them in?

Many people wish to allow refugees into their countries to help them get away from war-torn countries. For example, Canada has families sponsor and help refugees into their country and famously have no problems because of it. In the U.S. there is a lot of controversy because of The President’s immigration ban on middle-eastern countries, causing a lot of problems for people who got visas after many years. Several of his tweets say that “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad “dudes” out there!” quoting The President’s tweet. This is stating that all refugees are bad and have ties to terrorist groups, which about less than 1% do. That’s about same as three poison skittles in one-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.


If they’re leaving the bad country, then they must have ties to the problems in that country. We can’t let them in because we don’t want their problems coming here!

Several groups in America favor isolationism, basically not getting involved and not letting anyone into the U.S. Many of those people are arguing that the refugees have ties to ISIS, North Korea, (etc.). Their argument is that we shouldn’t let dangerous people come in because they are going to spy on us and take our jobs. They’ll even promote violence because of the harsh conditions they were means they’re aggressive.

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This isn’t your normal whole post, sorry. This is regarding a story, then analyzing it.

So, where I used to live we had tons of ants. Then, my friend discovered these TERRO Liquid Ant Traps and we put them out. You see, the way they work is the ants smell sweet liquid and they go into to eat it, but the liquid is sweet and poisonous. When we put theTERRO Liquid Ant Baitstraps out, a whole bunch would die and we would need to replace them after about a month or two. That happened every year, the ants never got the memo, probably because no veteran ant was alive after one whole year. When we moved to my new place, we put the ant traps for two years, with the same results. Then on the third year, we put them out, so many died. They seemed almost eradicated, my friend and I were sort of sad because we never wanted the ants to die, just get out of our residency. That fourth year, the ants were back again and we put the traps out. In less than 24 hours, they were all gone. We realized that they must have passed along the information that the traps were seriously deadly. If you think that it’s just a coincidence, then guess what? It happened this year, too.

My friend and I were so amazed that these ants had passed along the information for TWO years. That’s a long time for an ant! Ants are smart, so don’t underestimate them, but it’s nicer to give a warning than to kill all of them. It’s a win-win.

The picture of TERRO liquid ant baits – Walmart
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Particularly Perfect Poems

Hey, BleuRose here! Today, I got in the mood to make poems. (Okay, I was inspired by a book I read, but don’t judge.) I made a haiku, couplet, and an ‘I am’ poem, like the ones I did in school. Here they are:

When in fantasies,
A cloak draped on my shoulders,
I am the bravest

A cloak on my shoulders,
I can move the biggest boulders,
With courage at my side,
I can move the tides,
Going through the thickest forest,
I forget I am the poorest.

Brother Daniel
I am adaptive and fight valiantly,
I wonder about my own capability,
I hear thunder clapping,
I see the gods snapping,
I want to live in my fantasy,
I am adaptive and fight valiantly.

I pretend to have a brother,
I feel that he isn’t much of a bother,
I touch his shaking hands,
I worry he might not understand,
I cry because he might die under the canopy,
I am adaptive and fight valiantly.

I understand that death is the end,
I say that people merely do not understand,
I dream that I will be reunited,
I try to stay enlightened,
I hope he will wait patiently,
I am adaptive and fight valiantly.

Also, all of these are original, I made them myself. If (very unlikely if) you wish to use these, please give credit to:
BleuRose –